Websphere Software

Hyperware Consulting was amongst the first organisations in Australia to gain expertise in IBM WebSphere and have had team members working with this technology since early 2002.
We can help you fine tune, troubleshoot or provide advice on Websphere Administration, Development across Websphere Server, Websphere Portal, Websphere Commerce, Websphere Portlet Factory and the Websphere Dashboard Framework product range.

Our skill range includes:

  • Webshere Application Server (WAS)
  • WebSphere Portal
  • Websphere Content Manager (WCM)
  • Websphere Portlet Factory
  • Websphere Reporting Dashboarding Framework
  • Websphere Commerce

WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

Hyperware can provide assistance on Administering, Fine tuning and troubleshooting your WAS environment. We specialise in migrations, reinstalls, troubleshooting, performance tuning and deployments to various operating systems including Windows and Linux.

Websphere Portal

Hyperware Consulting provides the skills and experience to allow you get the most out of your Websphere Portal investment. With over 6 years of continues work in building portal solutions or administering portal environments are skills and experience to give you the completive edge. Our experience includes working portal projects or years experience working with Websphere Portal our skills and experience in this are extensive and our body of work involves working with some of Australia’s most recognized brands and government agencies.

Websphere Content Manager (WCM)

In today’s fast-paced business environment, your organization must have the ability to effectively manage content and disseminate that content to applications and business processes. Using IBM Web Content Management (WCM) Hyperware can tailor a solution to accelerate development and delivery of critical business information across the enterprise. We have extensive experience in enabling “end-to-end” collaboration for content creation, approvals, management, retention, and publishing across Internet, intranet, extranet and portal assets. Transforming textual information into process flows.

WebSphere Portlet Factory

Let us show you how to develop solutions that use the Portlet factory development toolset that can simplify the speed to develop your JSR168 compliant portlets. Our expertise and mentoring programs help your team develop Portlets incorporating component assembly and customisation techniques.

Websphere Reporting Dashboarding Framework

Let us assist you in building your reporting and analytics solutions using the Websphere Dashboarding Framework features. We provide a range of reporting solutions including Business Objects a more user-friendly role-based dashboard templates with drill down capabilities making robust and functional Dashboard solutions.

Websphere Commerce

Hyperware Consulting has been working with companies of all sizes to enable their customers to do business on demand. Through Websphere Commerce we are able to help you build and maintain your Websphere Commerce infrastructure. Designing business models and e-commerce sites — whether B2C or B2B Expert assistance on designing and implementing a Customer Portal with integrated commerce capabilities.