Victorian Government – Interactive Documentation Access

The Challenge

This large Victorian Government agency with a complex procurement process required a Websphere Content Management System that would streamline business processes. Locating the relevant documentation for a particular purchasing event was often a time consuming process, requiring wading through a lot of irrelevant information particularly for infrequent users. Our client needed a simpler, quicker method of finding the required information with greater user confidence that the correct information had been located.

The Solution

Hyperware was then engaged to design, develop and implement a graphical representation of the procurement process. Hyperware created a solution whereby an interactive flowchart of the process is automatically generated based on information stored in the WebSphere Content Management (WCM) system and DB2. Users can click through the appropriate steps to access relevant documentation from WCM at each point in the process and drill down further when needed.

The Result

Users are now able to more quickly access the procurement information that they need with confidence. The success of the solution for the procurement process has resulted in the solution subseqently being applied to other business processes.


Posted on

March 5, 2017