J2EE is an abbreviation of “Java 2 Platform: Enterprise Edition,” a technology developed by Sun Microsystems. This Java platform is used to create multi-tier applications, separating user interfaces (such as a web page) from system programs (such as a program designed to access a database and do calculations). These applications are typical of large enterprises.

Hyperware is well skilled in Java/J2EE technologies through organisational project experience and through career experience for approximately half our staff. We regularly attend “Enterprise Java” events. “Enterprise Java” is an industry group dedicated to J2EE development supported by the Victorian Government.

Our Websphere developers use Java/J2EE on a day to day basis allowing our applications to be build upon industry based standards.

Our Lotus Notes developers uses Java to achieve functionality in Lotus Notes that is only accessible through the Java API, which includes a facility to convert specific Lotus Notes/Domino documents to PDF format.